If scraper is not working on your end, please keep patience.
Due to large user base of our tool, we’re having few issues
and our scraper does not work sometimes.

We are going to resolve these issues asap.
You can see if scraper works by trying out following things:

*clicking scrape button few times

*changing your browser

*waiting some time, refreshing the page and trying again

Features List

*Scrapes from google

*Scrape upto 10 pages of organic and paid results (paid results are with green background)

*Can see only paid results

*Remove duplicates before showing you the results

*Scrape 150+ countries specific results

*Can see alexa & quantcast rankings

*Alexa & quantcast ranking filters

*Scrape for multiple keywords at once
(Use comma in search box to separate multiple keywords e.g. auto insurance, car insurance)

*Can copy and export results to .csv format

*Can Truncate URLs to root or sub domain

*Can use different google search operators